2007 Presentations

 now for the 2015 SC International Trade Conference.

Please note: Dress for the sessions is casual; jackets are not required.

The following presentations from the 2007 SCITC are in Microsoft Powerpoint, and are available for download:

SCITC 2007 Gary SC Trade 5-30-07

SCITC 2007 Jonathon Moreno – Vietnam

SCITC 2007 Lader Riley Popowski

SCITC 2007 Proctor and Gamble

SCITC 2007 Pam Zaresk – Taskforce Overview

SCITC 2007 Pam Lesson 02 CBP Overview

SCITC 2007 Scholarships Welch-Patrick

SCITC 2007 Port Overview

SCITC 2007 Risks of Global Shipping

SCITC 2007 3PL Trends

SCITC 2007 Seven Habits of Highly Successful Supply Chains

SCITC 2007 Sheena Nguyen Saigon WTC

SCITC 2007 Smart Boxes in 2007

SCITC 2007 Suntrust

SCITC 2007 Vietnam Panel

Click Here to see photos from the 2007 conference.

Click here to see photos from past conferences.

– See more at: https://scitc1.org/Archives/SCITC_07/scitc_presentations_07.asp#sthash.6t9pFaWJ.dpuf

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